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Jeffrey N Baldwin

Department of Pharmacy Practice
University of Nebraska Medical Center
United States of America

Jeffrey N Baldwin


Dr. Jeffrey N Baldwin Professor of Pharmacy in the Department of Pharmacy practice, University of Nebraska Medical Center which is located in omaha,Nebraska,United States of America.

Research Interest

Dr. Baldwin’s research has been primarily in the area of characterization of substance abuse attitudes and behaviors in health professionals. Additional scholarly activities include promotion of active learning in pharmacy education, development of standards for addiction assistance for pharmacy colleges and professionals, development of guidelines for pediatric and addiction education in pharmacy, and promotion of professional and public education about addiction.


  • Baldwin JN, Scott DM, DeSimone EM, Forrester JH, Fankhauser MS. Substance Use Attitudes and Behaviors at Three Pharmacy Colleges. Subst Abuse. 2011; 32:27-35.

  • Kenna GA, Baldwin JN, Trinkoff A, Lewis DC. Substance use disorders in health care professionals. In Johnson BA, ed. Addiction Medicine: Science and Practice. New York NY: Springer; 2011: 1375-1398.

  • Baldwin, JN. Chapter 108. Substance abuse care. In Allen LV, ed. Remington: the Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 22nd ed. London UK: Pharmaceutical Press. 2013: 2613-2619

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