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Yevgeniya Le

Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology
University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine
United States of America


Dr. Le’s laboratory studies the effects of radiation on biological systems, specifically stem cells (SC), cancer stem cells (CSC); SC/CSC niches/microenvironment and implications in cancer development, progression, metastasis and therapy-resistance.  Currently, the laboratory focuses on the following projects: 1) studying effects of chronic and acute low-dose beta and gamma radiation on development, progression and metastasis of mammary cancer in transgenic in vivo mouse models; 2) studying effects of low-dose radiation on stem cell function and regenerative capacity; and 3) development of pharmaceutical radioprotectants for high-dose radiation exposures.

Research Interest

Radiobiology Stem Cell biology Stem cell and cancer stem cell niches/microenvironment Cancer research Cell and molecular biology Biochemistry

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