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J. David Lambert

University of Rochester
United States of America


J. David Lambert, Associate Professor, PhD

Research Interest

The evolution of developmental mechanisms; Early patterning in molluscs and related groups; Cytoskeletal basis of asymmetric cell divisions; Evolution of novel phenotypes


  • Kingsley EP, Chan XY, Duan Y, Lambert JD. Widespread RNA segregation in a spiralian embryo. Evolution & development. 2007 Nov 1;9(6):527-39.

  • Swartz SZ, Chan XY, Lambert JD. Localization of Vasa mRNA during early cleavage of the snail Ilyanassa. Development genes and evolution. 2008 Feb 1;218(2):107-13.

  • Rabinowitz JS, Chan XY, Kingsley EP, Duan Y, Lambert JD. Nanos is required in somatic blast cell lineages in the posterior of a mollusk embryo. Current Biology. 2008 Mar 11;18(5):331-6.

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