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Patrick W. Oakes

University of Rochester
United States of America


Patrick W. Oakes, Assistant Professor, PhD

Research Interest

Mechanics of cellular force generation; Cell Shape; Cytoskeleton Dynamics; Mechanosensing; Cell adhesion & migration; Rho GTPase signaling


  • Cetera M, Ramirez-San Juan GR, Oakes PW, Lewellyn L, Fairchild MJ, Tanentzapf G, Gardel ML, Horne-Badovinac S. Epithelial rotation promotes the global alignment of contractile actin bundles during Drosophila egg chamber elongation. Nature communications. 2014;5:5511.

  • Oakes PW, Bidone TC, Beckham Y, Skeeters AV, Ramirez-San Juan GR, Winter SP, Voth GA, Gardel ML. The lamellipodium is a myosin independent mechanosensor. bioRxiv. 2017 Jan 1:186437.

  • Quillen AC, Askari H, Kelley DH, Friedmann T, Oakes PW. A coin vibrational motor swimming at low Reynolds number. Regular and Chaotic Dynamics. 2016 Dec 1;21(7-8):902-17.

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