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Saverio Bellusci

Associate Professor
University of Southern California
United States of America


In 2010, Dr. Bellusci moved to the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany as a full Professor. He holds currently the chair of lung extracellular matrix in the Excellent Cluster Cardio Pulmonary System. Prof. Bellusci’s research is mostly focusing on the role of FGF in lung development and disease. He will serve as the chair of the next Gordon Conference on FGF in 2014, which will take place in Ventura, California.

Research Interest

smooth muscle cell, Lipogenic and Myogenic Fibroblastic Phenotypes


  • Chao CM, Moiseenko A, Zimmer KP, Bellusci S. Alveologenesis: key cellular players and fibroblast growth factor 10 signaling. Molecular and cellular pediatrics. 2016 Apr 21;3(1):17.

  • El Agha E, Moiseenko A, Kheirollahi V, De Langhe S, Crnkovic S, Kwapiszewska G, Szibor M, Kosanovic D, Schwind F, Schermuly RT, Henneke I. Two-way conversion between lipogenic and myogenic fibroblastic phenotypes marks the progression and resolution of lung fibrosis. Cell stem cell. 2017 Feb 2;20(2):261-73.

  • El Agha E, Kheirollahi V, Moiseenko A, Seeger W, Bellusci S. Ex vivo analysis of the contribution of FGF10+ cells to airway smooth muscle cell formation during early lung development. Developmental Dynamics. 2017 Jul 1;246(7):531-8.

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