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Kimberly P. Dobrinski

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
University of Tampa
United States of America


Dobrinski's dissertation described the carbon concentrating mechanism of a sulfur oxidizing chemolithoautotroph found at the hydrothermal vents (Dobrinski, 2005, J.Bac; Dobrinski, 2010, Appl Environ Microbiol). More recently, Dobrinski has focused her research on how Copy Number Variants (CNV) and denatured proteins affect tumor initiation and metastasis (Dobrinski , 2015, J Gynecol Res; Dobrinski, 2014, JASC; Blackburn, 2014, Cancer Cell; Dobrinski, 2013, PLOS Genetics; Rudner, 2011, Oncogene). She has also identified and mapped copy number variation within the model organism, zebrafish, and found this variation to be four times greater than what is found in other vertebrates including humans (Dobrinski, 2012, PNAS). Her ongoing research investigates tissue specific CNV effect on gene expression and regulation including miRNAs and how this effect contributes to disease.

Research Interest

Kim Dobrinski specializes in the understanding of Copy Number Variant (changes in DNA allele copy number) effects on gene expression and gene regulation. These somatic effects may result in disease, including increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections as well as cancer susceptibility and tumor proliferation.

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