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Netra Khanal

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Tampa
United States of America


Netra Khanal is an author of many published papers. His first paper on the Kawahara equation was published in Nonlinearity, 2008. His second paper on extended fifth order KdV type equations was published in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System, 2009; the third paper on complex valued Burgers and KdV Burgers equations was published in Journal of Nonlinear Sciences, 2010; the fourth paper on fifth order complex KdV types equations was published in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Khanal's other papers are published in Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences, International Scientific Journal of Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering System, Pi in the Sky and The Nepali Math. Science Report.Netra Khanal also has presented research talks in different regional, national and international meetings and conferences organized by American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America and American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Khanal is a current president of Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America. Before arriving at The University of Tampa, Khanal was an assistant professor of mathematics at University of Wisconsin Colleges. He has taught a wide range of undergraduate courses at UT, OSU, UWC and different colleges and universities in Nepal.

Research Interest

Netra Khanal's research interests are in the field of partial differential equations. He is also interested in ordinary differential equations, numerical analysis, application of mathematics in business, finance and economics, and mathematical and statistical modeling.


  • Khanal N, Wu J, Yuan JM. Fifth-order complex Korteweg–de Vries-type equations. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 2012 Apr 27;45(20):205202.

  • Khanal N, Sharma R, Wu J, Yuan JM. A dual-Petrov-Galerkin method for extended fifth-order Korteweg-de Vries type equations. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. 2009:442-50.

  • Khanal N, Wu J, Yuan JM. The Kawahara equation in weighted Sobolev spaces. Nonlinearity. 2008 Jun 10;21(7):1489.

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