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Frederick T. Schaefer

Associate Professor
Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of the Sciences
United States of America


Modification of solvent dynamics by dissolved polymer in solutions has been documented. This phenomenon has implication for analytical techniques where polymer properties are derived from solution properties via the assumption that the solvent is a Newtonian continuum with the properties related only to those of the pure solvent. Based on the premise that interactions between molecules of greatly different size must occur on the spatial scale of the smaller molecules studies of the solution properties of low molecular weight analogs of common polymers are being made. Viscosity and other physical properties related to the motions of the molecules in solution are being used to investigate the relationship between the chemical structure of the solute and the modification of solvent properties.

Research Interest

Investigating the relationship between the chemical structure of the solute and modification of solvent properties by studying viscosity and other physical properties related to the motion of the molecules in the solution.


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  • Mahalingam M, Schaefer F, Morlino E. Promoting student learning through group problem solving in general chemistry recitations. J. Chem. Educ. 2008 Nov 1;85(11):1577.

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