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Laura Pontiggia

Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics
University of the Sciences
United States of America


Dr. Pontiggia’s original research interest is non-cooperative stochastic games. In particular she has been studying variations of a two-person, non-cooperative stochastic game, inspired by the famous red-and-black gambling problem presented by Dubins and Savage. Currently, her major interest in game theory concerns developing a cooperative game theory approach to classification analysis, based on the use of the Shapley Value imputation. Her newest research interest concerns statistical methods for pharmaceutical and public health research. In particular she is working on the development of statistical methods that can be used to model data originated in the pharmaceutical and public health fields.

Research Interest

Non-cooperative stochastic games, A cooperative game theory approach to classification analysis, Models for biological data, Statistical approaches for clinical and pharmaceutical data, Models for health sciences data, Educational research


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  • Pontiggia L. Nonconstant sum red-and-black games with bet-dependent win probability function. Journal of applied probability. 2007 Jun;44(2):547-53.

  • Pontiggia L. Two-person red-and-black with bet-dependent win probabilities. Advances in Applied Probability. 2005 Mar;37(1):75-89.

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