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Michael Futch

Associate Professor 
Philosophy and Religion
University of Tulsa
United States of America


\Michael Futch's research centers on early modern natural philosophy and metaphysics, with a special emphasis on the philosophy of space, time, and causality in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Though his principle focus in this period is on the philosophy of Leibniz, he has also worked on Malebranche, Hobbes, and Spinoza. Beyond this period, Futch has interests in the history and philosophy of science more generally. Much of his current work is on competing conceptions of causality and how these ramify in other areas of the philosophy of science. His Areas of expertise are Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Time.

Research Interest

Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Time.


  • Futch M. The Dogma of Necessity: Royce on Nature and Scientific Law. the pluralist. 2012;7(1):54-71.

  • Futch MJ. Leibniz on the Logical Order of Time. Intellectual History Review. 2012 Mar 1;22(1):91-106.

  • Futch M. Leibnizian Relationalism and Temporal Essentialism. Studia Leibnitiana. 2012 Jan 1(H. 1):60-80.

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