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Jana Kraft

Associate Professor
Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
University of Vermont
United States of America


Prof Jana Kraft, has received her Ph.D , University of Jena, Germany. Currently, she is working as Professor in department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. She has successfully completed her Administrative responsibilities as Professor.

Research Interest

Dairy Lipids and Human Health, Lipid Metabolism, Fetal Programming, Fatty Acid Analysis


  • Cersosimo LM, Bainbridge ML, Kraft J, Wright AD. ( 2016 )Influence of periparturient and postpartum diets on rumen methanogen communities in three breeds of primiparous dairy cows.16:78.

  • Bainbridge ML, Egolf E, Barlow JW, Alvez JP, Roman J, Kraft J. (2017)Milk from cows grazing on cool-season pastures provides an enhanced profile of bioactive fatty acids compared to those grazed on a monoculture of pearl millet. 217:750-755.

  • Bainbridge M, Kraft J. ( 2016)Lipid Encapsulation Provides Insufficient Total-Tract Digestibility to Achieve an Optimal Transfer Efficiency of Fatty Acids to Milk Fat. 11(10):e0164700.

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