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Sabrina Greenwood

Assistant Professor
Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
University of Vermont
United States of America


Prof Sabrina Greenwood, has received her Ph.D University of Guelph, Canada. Currently, she is working as Professor in department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. She has successfully completed her Administrative responsibilities as Professor.

Research Interest



  • Tacoma R, Fields J, Ebenstein DB, Lam YW, Greenwood SL.(2016)Characterization of the bovine milk proteome in early-lactation Holstein and Jersey breeds of dairy cows.130:200-10.

  • Tacoma R, Fields J, Ebenstein DB, Lam YW, Greenwood SL. (2016)Comparative proteomics dataset of skimmed milk samples from Holstein and Jersey dairy cattle.6:843-6.

  • Murdoch BM, Murdoch GK, Greenwood S, McKay S. (2016 )Nutritional Influence on Epigenetic Marks and Effect on Livestock Production.7:182.

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