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Fenda Akiwumi

United States of America


research touches upon varied aspects of environmental resources, particularly water, and minerals. She is interested in the political ecology of the production, management and distribution of these resources. Her work in this area engages issues in broad areas: resource extraction and policy, resource problems (equitable distribution, environmental deterioration, conflict), and resource issues (sustainability and development, livelihoods, gender, cultural diversity). Her focus area is West African development issues where she studies the intricate relationships between sustainable resource use and development, livelihoods, culture and conflict in this region. She also researches the interconnection between urban water provision, perceptions, wetlands, and climate change in the Tampa Bay region. She uses development theories such as world-system, political ecology and sustainable livelihoods framework and a mix of quantitative and qualitative field data collection methods for a holistic analyses that examines the interaction of political, economic, and socio-cultural institutions with natural systems and consequences for environmental and cultural sustainability.

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