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Karen Brewer Mixon

Associate Professor
Rehabilitation Counseling, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitatio
UT Southwestern Medical Center
United States of America


Dr. Brewer-Mixon is a clinical neuropsychologist with clinical, teaching, supervisory, and administrative duties in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling. Clinical responsibilities include psychotherapy interventions with persons who suffer from neurological and psychiatric disorders, neuropsychological and psychological evaluations, supervision of graduate students and psychiatric residents, and teaching. Dr. Brewer-Mixon also currently serves on various administrative faculty committees within the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, the Southwestern School of Health Professions, and the Division of Psychology.

Research Interest

Caregiving of persons with chronic neurological disorders Evaluation of and intervention with acquired brain injury survivors Interventions for anxiety in graduate students Neuropsychology of psychiatric disorders


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  • Brief Recall Tasks and Memory Assessment in Alzheimer’s Disease Kaltreider, L.B., Cullum, C.M., Lacritz, L.H., Brewer, K.K., & Filley, C.M. Applied Neuropsychology 1999 6 165-169

  • Level of Performance Accuracy for Core Halstead-Reitan Measures by Pooling Normal Controls from Published Studies: Comparison with Existing Norms in a Clinical Sample Greer, S.E., Cannici, J. P., Brewer, K.K., & Pennett, D.L. Perceptual & Motor Skills 2010 111 (1) 3-18

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