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Ream Al-hasani

Assistant Professor
Washington University School of Medicine
United States of America


Assistant Professor Anesthesiology

Research Interest

Understanding the endogenous opioid systems to defeat addiction, ameliorate affective disorders, and relieve chronic pain.


  • P. Namburi, R. Al-Hasani, G.G. Calhoon, M.R. Bruchas, K.M. Tye (2015). Architectural representation of valence in the limbic system. Neuropsychopharmacology, Jun; 41 (7): 1697-715. PMID: 26647973.

  • E.R. Siuda, R. Al-Hasani, J.G. McCall, D.L. Bhatti, M.R. Bruchas (2016). Chemogenetic and optogenetic activation of Gas signalling in the basolateral amygdala induces acute and social anxiety-like states. Neuropsychopharmacology, Jul;41(8): 2011-13. PMID: 26725834.

  • N. Massaly, J.A. Moron, R. Al-Hasani (2016). A trigger for opioid misuse: Chronic pain and stress dysregulate the mesolimbic pathway and kappa opioid system. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Nov 7;10:480. PMID: 27872581.

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