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Neil A. Watling

Widener University
United States of America

Neil A. Watling


PhD Functional Analysis, C*-algebras 1989 University of Warwick (UK)

Research Interest

esearch interest is in C*-algebras and their use in mathematical physics and non-commutative (differential) geometry. More specifically, my interest is automorphic group actions on C*-algebras and their associated fixed point sub-algebras and crossed-product algebras, with particular interest in rotation algebras and their generalizations


  • Sullivan, R., & Watling, N. (2013). Independent divisibility pairs on the set of integers from 1 to N. INTEGERS, 13, A65.

  • Farsi, C., & Watling, N. (2001). C*-algebras of dynamical systems of quasi rotations on tori. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, 31(3).

  • Farsi, C., & Watling, N. (2006). Discretized C*-Algebras. Bolletino Unione Matematica Italiana. Sezione B: Articoli di Ricerca Matematica, 9(3), 697–710.

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