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Xiaobao Li

Widener University
United States of America


PhD Curriculum & Instruction 2006 Texas A&M University—College Station (TX)

Research Interest

translating teachers' knowledge into classroom practice.


  • Pifer, M. J., Reisboard, D., Staulters, M., Li, X., Gozza-Cohen, M., McHenry, N., Schaming, S., & Gilio, B. (2014). Finding the motivation: The evolution of a faculty scholarship symposium. Journal of Faculty Development, 28(1), 9-18.

  • Ding, M., & Li, X. (2014). Transition from concrete to abstract representations: The distributive property in a Chinese textbook series. Educational Studies in Mathematics. doi: 10.1007/s10649-014-9558-

  • Li, X., Staulters, M., Gozza-Cohen, M., & Schaming, S. (2015). Middle school students' conceptual based errors in variables. Betwixt and Between: Education for Young Adolescents, 1(2), 15-28.

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