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David Dibiasio

Associate Professor
Chemical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
United States of America


Education: BS Purdue University 1972 MS Purdue University 1977 PhD Purdue University 1980 My research involves educational scholarship: investigating how students learn chemical engineering and how the curriculum can be modified to optimize learning. That includes understanding learning in hands-on labs compared to virtual or remotely operated labs; learning in international contexts; and how safety, ethics, and social responsibility can be effectively integrated into the chemical engineering curriculum. WPI is a great place to conduct this type of work because of our project-based program, our extensive Global Projects Program, and our philosophy of student-centered learning.

Research Interest

Understanding learning in hands-on, virtual, and remote laboratory contexts


  • DiBiasio D., Henry, J., Clark, M., and Miletic, M. “Student Learning in Hands-On, Remote, and Virtual Laboratory Experiences: What Works (or Doesnt),” AIChE Meeting, Salt Lake City, November 2010

  • “Education Reform: ‘Just Do It’,” Invited Editorial, Chemical Engineering Progress, February 2009

  • “A Project-Based, Spiral Curriculum for ChE: A Multiyear Retrospective,” Invited Presentation at U. South Florida Workshop on Curriculum Reform, April 2009.

  • Nontraditional Learning Environments: Do They Prepare Our Students for Life-Long Learning? - 2006

  • Assessing a Nontraditional Study Abroad Program in the Engineering Discipline - 2004

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