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Benny Dalgaard Loft

Independent Director
board of directors
Xellia Pharmaceuticals
United States of America


 Mr. Benny Dalgaard Loft serves as the Chief Executive Officer and a Member of the board of directors of Novozymes Bioindustrial China A/S and Novozymes Bioindustrial A/S. Mr. Loft is a partner in Poelhøigaard V/Helle Loft Hassselbach og Benny Dalgaard Loft. He served as the Chief Financial Officer of Novozymes A/S since December 7, 2006 until August 10, 2017 and its Executive Vice President of Corporate Function until August 10, 2017. Mr. Loft was the sole-proprietor of Poelhoi Consulting v/ Benny Dalgaard Loft. He served as an Executive Vice President of IT, Investor Relations & Legal Affairs for Novozymes A/S. He served as Executive Vice President of finance at Novozymes A/S., since December 07, 2006. He served as Acting Chief Financial Officer of Novozymes A/S from November 2006 to December 7, 2006 and also its Vice President of Finance. Since Novozymes' launch in 2000, he worked on acquisitions and negotiations and as part of several key steering groups dealing with ethics, sustainability and business development. Prior to joining Novo Nordisk in 1998, he spent a decade with Price Waterhouse, where he served as accountant and consultant. In 1998, he joined Novo Nordisk as Director for Consolidated Accounts, Group Taxation & Tax Planning and Stocks & Production Economy. He served as the Chairman of the Board at DONG Energy AS from March 12, 2014 to August 07, 2014. Over the past five years, Mr. Loft has been Chairman of our Board of Directors, a member of the board of directors of Novozymes Biopharma DK A/S, Novozymes Adenium Biotech A/S (dissolved by merger in 2014), Novozymes Bioindustrial Holding A/S (dissolved by merger in 2014), Bygningsfonden Den Bl°a Planet and Den Bl°a Planet, Danmarks Akvarium. He has been a Director of DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S since 2013. He serves as a Director of Novozymes Bioag A/S and New Xellia Group A/S. He has been an Independent Director at DONG Energy AS since April 2012. He serves as a Director of Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS and Xellia Pharmaceuticals AS. He also serves on the board of The Blue Planet. Mr. Loft became State-Authorised Public Accountant in 1996. Mr. Loft holds a Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing from Copenhagen Business School.

Research Interest

 Business Economics and Auditing

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