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Robert Crabtree

Yale Department Of Chemistry
Yale University
United States of America


Education : B.A. New College, Oxford 1970 Ph.D. Sussex University 1973 Postdoctoral Fellow, CNRS, Gif-s-Yvette, France, 1973-75 Attaché de Recherche, Gif, 1975-77

Research Interest

Design and synthesis of inorganic, coordination or organometallic molecules with unusual structures and properties. These are typically catalytic properties for atom economic (green) transformations, bioinorganic relevance or utility in alternative energy strategies, such as solar energy and hydrogen storage. Molecular recognition is applied to homogeneous catalysis to obtain high selectivity. Computational and physicochemical insights are obtained from collaborative work.


  • Shopov, D. Y.; Rudshteyn, B.; Campos, J.; Vinyard, D. J.; Batista, V. S.; Brudvig, G. W.; Crabtree, R. H. A Full Set of Iridium(IV) Pyridine-Alkoxide Stereoisomers: Highly Geometry-Dependent Redox Properties, Chem. Sci., 2016, 138, 15917-15926.

  • Sinha, S. B.; Shopov, D. Y.; Sharninghausen, L. S.; Stein, C. J.; Mercado, B. Q.; Balcells, D.; Pedersen, T. B.; Reiher, M.; Brudvig, G. W.; Crabtree, R. H. Redox Activity of Oxo-Bridged Iridium Dimers in an N,O-Donor Environment: Characterization of Remarkably Stable Ir(IV,V) Complexes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b04874.

  • Fisher, K. J.; Materna, K. L.; Mercado, B. Q.; Crabtree, R. H.; Brudvig, G. W. Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation by a Copper(II) Complex of an Oxidation-Resistant Ligand, ACS Catal., 2017, 7, 3384.

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