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Olga Blumenfeld

Department of Biochemistry
Yeshiva University
United States of America


Olga Blumenfeld is a Professor in Yeshiva University in the Department of Biochemistry. Olga Blumenfeld research interests are in Polymorphism and Molecular Genetics of Human Glycophorins

Research Interest

Polymorphism and Molecular Genetics of Human Glycophorins


  • Patnaik K.P. and Blumenfeld O.O. Use of On-Line Tools and Databases for Routine Sequence Analyses. Anal. Biochem, 289, 1-9, 2001.

  • Blumenfeld O.O.Mutation Databases and Other On-Line Sites as a Resource for Transfusion Medicine: History and Attributes. Transfusion Medicine Reviews. 2002, 16:103-114

  • Blumenfeld O.O. and Patnaik K. P.Allelic Genes of Blood Group Antigens: A Source of Human Mutations and cSNPs Documented in the Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database.Human Mutation. 2004, 23:8-16

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