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Kate Eales

United States of America


INSPIRATIONS My son and my future daughter. My students, and my yoga community. My teachers, and all of the teachers and birth professionals who work so hard to help birthing women tune in to their innate power and grace. WHY I PRACTICE To center myself. To express gratitude for my health. To stay grounded in what’s true. WHY I TEACH My yoga teachers have given me the tools to heal after physical injury, to stay centered when life presents new challenges, and to connect with my inner lioness as I've become a mother. I teach with the hope of passing on these gifts to others, whether by instructing therapeutic movement, encouraging focus on the breath, or offering a safe space to tune in and listen. In Prenatal classes, I especially strive to create an open-hearted space where women can connect with each other as they embark on this remarkable journey.

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