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Katerina Katsogresaki

United States of America


INSPIRATIONS I feel inspired by all the expressions of life-joy, sorrow, love, fear even anger. They all teach us such valuable lessons everyday! WHY I PRACTICE I started practicing yoga during my studies in Physical Education because throughout that period although I was feeling in a really good shape I knew that a part of myself was restless,and incomplete ..Since then I ve never stopped practising recognising that wherever I go,no matter how lost I may feel yoga is the vehicle which always brings me back to that place where the mind stays silently happy,and the heart is filled with pure joy!!! WHY I TEACH I teach because I want to share all the valuable tools that I have learned all these years as a yoga student! I see everyday the way that yoga improves the quality of living in so many ways..and I feel really grateful for being even a small part of it…

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