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Kim Manfredi

United States of America


INSPIRATIONS I travel to India each year to practice and deepen my connection to the living art that is yoga. My long history (My first class was in 1988) has shown me that each of the great traditions contributes to the whole. That which I love inspires me: breath, flow, alignment, myth, challenge and care. I utilize these elements to inspire others and myself to practice, practice, and practice. All is coming. I owe much of what I know to the care of Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. WHY I PRACTICE Practice makes me feel alive and awake. It connects me to others and myself. Yoga keeps my body healthy, soothes my spirit and stills my mind. Join me on this wonderful path. WHY I TEACH I am passionate about teaching yoga; it is my life. I love to help others discover the most effective tool for health, peace and spiritual connection: yoga. I have taught students and teachers since 1996 and look forward to meeting you on the mat soon.

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