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Kristen Sandvig

United States of America


INSPIRATIONS My inspiration comes from my teachers and my students. Both of them challenge me to be a better teacher and the best version of myself. WHY I PRACTICE I started practicing yoga with my mother back in 2004. I was a competitive long distance runner, and she suggested I start attending classes with her to cross-train. Yoga was always my tool to regain strength and flexibility while I was recovering from injuries and to support my body while training for races. In 2012 I committed to a regular practice, and I fall more in love with the practice each year. My yoga is a moving meditation where I use my breath to go deeper physically and mentally. WHY I TEACH Yoga never came easy for me. I've never been naturally flexible or strong, and I teach because I truly believe that with practice anything is possible. I understand that we all have different goals and intentions in our yoga practice, and I teach a powerful flow that nourishes the balance between strength and flexibility. My classes are physically challenging with lots of chances to build strength through arm balances and inversions while also including long and deep openings to increase flexibility. I like every student in my class to leave feeling like he or she experienced a win and can celebrate something he or she could do. I also like to leave them with something new to come back to and keep practicing.

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