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Jennifer Foster

Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


I am interested in the ways that ecological systems permeate cities, the ways that human perceptions, beliefs, values and preferences of diverse landscape actors are expressed through ecological decisions, and the effects of cities on non-human urban inhabitants. My research on urban habitat creation and ecological restoration focuses on the interplay between social and biophysical dynamics in deindustrialized spaces. This includes the theory and practice of environmental planning and design, with particular attention to the constitution of post-industrial urban landscapes such as former pits and quarries, dumps, factories and rail lines. Central themes of this work are urban ecology, environmental justice and environmental aesthetics.

Research Interest

"Urban environmental justice Habitat creation and novel ecologies Post-industrial urban space Political ecology and cultural politics of representation Urban environmental aesthetics Contemporary arts as planning discourse"


  • Foster, Jennifer  (2014) “Hiding in plain view: Vacancy and prospect in Paris' Petite Ceinture" Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning40: 124–132.

  • Foster, Jennifer and Anders Sandberg (forthcoming) “Post-industrial urban greenspace: Justice, quality of life and environmental aesthetics in rapidly changing urban environments” Local Environment.

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