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Justin Podur

Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


"I am currently working with students on problems of urban landscape ecology. The big question motivating this research is: what happens if we look at the city as an ecosystem for other species? What can we learn about the ecology of the species we encounter every day in the city? And what would it mean to us, and to them, if we understood that ecology better? My scientific research background has been focused on forest fires in Ontario – their spatial and temporal patterns, increases in their numbers and area burned, balancing their role as part of the landscape with the fact that they can threaten people and things of value. "

Research Interest

"Mathematical Modeling Forest Fires Landscape Ecology Urban Wildlife Ecology Political Conflicts"


  • Podur, Justin (2013), "Incompatible objectives: Counterinsurgency and development in Afghanistan", Chapter 10 in Empire's Ally, edited by Klassen and Albo. University of Toronto Press, February 2013.

  • Podur, J. (2014). A Short Course on Development in “Post-conflict” Congo. Radical Teacher, 98, 52-57. doi:10.5195/rt.2014.70.

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