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Lewis Molot

Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


I am part of a small group of applied scientists in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. My interests focus on ecological processes and pollution in lakes. Over the years I have studied acidification, carbon processing in lakes (photochemistry) and eutrophication and have developed several management tools (models) to assist environmental managers.

Research Interest

"Iron promotion of toxic cyanobacterial blooms in freshwaters Role of ultraviolet radiation and visible radiation in freshwater organic carbon processing Role of phosphorus in dissolved oxygen depletion in Lake Simcoe bottom waters Internal loading of phosphorus and iron"


  • Schwalb, A., D. Bouffard, L. Boegman, L. Leon, J.G. Winter, L.A. Molot, R.E.H. Smith. 2014. 3D modelling of dreissenid mussel impacts on phytoplankton in a large lake supports the nearshore shunt hypothesis and the importance of wind-driven hydrodynamics. Aquatic Sciences.  DOI 10.1007/s00027-014-0369-0.

  • Porcal, P., P.J. Dillon and L.A. Molot. 2015. Temperature dependence of photodegradation of dissolved organic matter to dissolved organic matter and particulate organic matter. PLOS One. Accepted.

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