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Martin Bunch

Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


My educational background is in the discipline of geography. However, my work is interdisciplinary (existing at the intersection of several of the disciplinary sciences and geographic subdisciplines) and transdisciplinary (as the problems I address require an approach that transcends traditional disciplinary bounds). It seems obvious to me that this type of work is fertile ground for geographers who (supposedly) are practitioners of a science which is both analytic and synthetic, makes use of qualitative as well as quantitative methods, and has a history of exploring the relationship among human beings and their physical environments.

Research Interest

Ecosystem approaches; environment and health; ecohealth; adaptive management; watershed management; complex systems; system thinking; systems approaches to problem solving; geographic information systems; web-distributed GIS; international development;


  • Bunch, M.J. (2016). Ecosystem Approaches to Health and Well-Being: Navigating Complexity, Promoing Health in Social-Ecological Systems. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 33, 614-632.

  • Bunch, M.J. (2016) Ecosystems, Society, and Health: pathways through Diversity, Convergence, and Integration, L. Hallström, N. P. Guehlstorf, & M. W. Parkes (Editors), 2015, Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press. Ecohealth. [online first, ahead of print].

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