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Rod Macrae

Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


My research focuses on creating a national food agriculture policy for Canada, and the set of coherent and comprehensive programs required to support such a policy. The courses I teach identity the problems of the food and agriculture system, its vulnerabilities, where change is possible in the short, medium and long term, an the strategies that could bring about effective change. Fes is well positioned to offer training in this area because of the inter-disciplinary of its offerings and faculty, and its emphasis on viable solutions to pressing environmental and social problems.

Research Interest

"Federal food policy making Regulatory frameworks for pesticide and GE crops Demand - supply management in the food system Strategies to localize the food and agriculture system Farm environmental goods and services payments"


  • MacRae, R.J. 2014. Do trade agreements substantially limit development of local / sustainable food systems in Canada? Canadian Food Studies 1(1):103-125.

  • Ghaffari, A., M. Bunch,  R. MacRae, and  J. Zhao. 2015. Socio-economic support optimization for transition from conventional to organic farming using a spatiotemporal Agent-based Model. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies 8(3-4): 13-25.

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