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Sheila R. Colla

Assistant Professor
Environmental Studies
York University
United States of America


I am a classically trained Ecologist using scientific principles to address real-world conservation issues. My research thus far has focused on the conservation of lesser understood native species such as bees, butterflies and flowering plants.  As pollinators and pollination have become important issues among policymakers and the public in recent years, my work has become more interdisciplinary. I work closely with environmental NGOs (ENGOs), landowners, academic partners and government agencies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to implement conservation management based on the best available science. My research considers species with large ranges across the US and Canada but also local species which are at-risk here in Ontario.

Research Interest

"Ecosystem services Citizen science Sustainable agriculture Plant-pollinator ecology Endangered species conservation Resource management Environmental policy Science communicatio"


  • J.T. Kerr, A. Pindar, P. Galpern, L. Packer, S.G. Potts, S.M. Roberts, P. Rasmont, O. Schweiger, S.R. Colla, L.L. Richardson, D.L. Wagner, L.F. Gall, D.S. Sikes, A.Pantoja (2015) Climate change impacts on bumblebees converge across continents. Science 349:177-180.

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