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Dr. Zoraida P. Aguilar

Biomedical Sciences
United States of America


  Dr. Aguilar’s research focus has evolved from water pollution to mutation to waste management, then into microfabrication, microfluidics, and biological assay developments while earning her PhD.   Soon after earning her PhD, she was focused upon Nano-bio-sensors, nanocarriers and nano capsules for vaccine/drug delivery, medical devices, instrument miniaturization, and nanoscale materials.  Dr. Aguilar’s recent life sciences research has focused upon nanomaterials and electrochemistry utilization in medicine, in vitro diagnostics, food, and environmental segments to develop new drug/vaccine delivery, in vitro diagnostics, skin care formulations, environmental monitoring, pet care, home care, water purification-disinfection-monitoring, solar energy, and the construction industry.  She has launched products consisting of plant-based nanomaterials enhanced dermal nutrition skin care products, nanomaterials detection kits, and health care products.  

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 Biomedical Sciences

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