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John Robert Cressman

Assistant Professor
Department of Astronomy and Computational Science
George Mason University
United States Virgin Islands


Assistant Professor, School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Science, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study

Research Interest

My research has focused on investigating dynamical structures in driven systems with a specific interest in their role in the functions of the brain. Transient but long-lived correlated dynamics underlie innumerable biological processes, from the lifecycle of an organism to conscious thought and social behavior. Transient dynamical structures are also the hallmark of a number of natural phenomena including tornados, hurricanes, gyres, and von Karman vortex streets, simple fluid systems that can support coherent structures.


  • J. Ziburkus, J. R. Cressman, E. Barreto, and S.J. Schiff, “Seizures As Imbalanced Up States: Excitatory And Inhibitory Conductances During Seizure-Like Events”, Journal of Neurophysiology, 109(5): 1296-1396, (2013), Citations: (0,0)

  • T. Berry, J.R. Cressman, Z. Greguric-Ferencek*, and T. Sauer, “Time-Scale Separation from Diffusion-Mapped Delay Coordinates”, SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 12(2): 618–649, (2013), Citations: (0,0)

  • J. Owen*, E. Barreto, and J.R. Cressman, “Controlling Seizure-Like Events by Perturbing Ion Concentration Dynamics with Periodic Stimulation”, PLOS ONE, In Press. (2013)

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