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Micheal B. Pritz

Molecular Neuroscience Department
George Mason University
United States Virgin Islands


Professor, Molecular Neuroscience Department, George Mason university.

Research Interest

My research investigates the development and evolution of vertebrate brains. The present focus is on two areas: (1.) forebrain organization and development in a model vertebrate system and (2.) general principles that underlie the formation of brain nuclei.


  • Pritz MB. Forebrain and midbrain fiber tract formation during early development in Alligator embryos. Brain Res. 1313: 34-44, 2010.

  • Pritz MB. Dorsal thalamic nuclei in Caiman crocodilus. Neurosci. Lett. 581: 57-62, 2014.

  • Pritz MB. Crocodilian forebrain: Evolution and development. Integr. Comp. Biol. in press.

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