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John B. Ford

Old Dominion University
United States Virgin Islands


Professor of Marketing and International Business and Eminent Scholar

Research Interest

International Advertising, Role Portrayals in Advertising, Not-for-profit Marketing Strategy, and Cross-Cultural Research Issues.


  • Merchant, A., LaTour, K., Ford, J. B., and LaTour, M. S. Should Cookie Monster Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle or Continue to Indulge? Consumers' Need to Belong and Attachment Style Offers Insights into Whether Brand Icons Should Change. Journal of Business Research

  • Merchant, A., Ford, J. B., Diannoux, C., and Herrmann, J. (2016). Development and Validation of an Emic Scale to Measure Ad-Evoked Nostalgia in France. Journal of International Advertising, 35 (4), (pp. 706-729).

  • Suh, T., Ford, J. B., Ryu, Y. S., and Kim, H. S. (2017). Enhancing the Simultaneous Utilization of Measure in Product Design for Academic-Practitioner Collaboration. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 26 (3), (pp. 312-326).

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