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Nuo (norah) Xu

Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University
United States Virgin Islands


Nuo Xu joined Strome College of Business at Old Dominion University as Assistant Professor of Marketing in fall 2016. She earned her PhD in Marketing from Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Her current research are focused on obtaining customer intelligence in a data-rich environment. Her research explores a series of problems on how managers can use rich observations collected through customer management systems to uncover the dynamics in the underlying processes that guide customers’ behaviors.

Research Interest

Empirical Modeling in a Data-Rich Environment Big data Customer intelligence Statistical models of customer behaviors Bayesian modeling and estimation


  • Xu, N., Zhao, Y., and Qu, y. (March, 2015). Detecting Customers’ Life Changes in Real Time Oral Presentation presented at Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Research Symposium , Philadelphia.

  • Xu, N., Zhao, Y., and Qu, Y. (October, 2015). Detection of Customers’ Life Change: Real-Time Analysis Using Control Chart Approach Oral Presentation presented at NYU 2015 Conference on Digital Big Data, Smart Life & Mobile Marketing Analytics, New York University , New York.

  • Xu, N., Liu-Thompkins, Y., Zhao, Y., and (June 16, 2017). Success beyond Self-Performance: Collective Performance Lift from Inter-Agent Effects Oral Presentation presented at Wharton Customer Analytics Symposium , Philadelphia.

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