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Yin Xu

Old Dominion University
United States Virgin Islands


Ph. D. in Business Administration/Accounting, University Of South Carolina - Columbia, (2001) Master of Accountancy , University of South Carolina, (1996) B.S. in Accounting, University of Akron, (1989)

Research Interest



  • Xu, Y., and Wang, K. (2008). Whither the public accounting as a profession: Historical lessons of auditor independence in the U.S.. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 8 (4), (pp. 127-136).

  • Xu, Y., and Xu, X. (2008). Social actors, cultural capital, and the state: the standardization of bank accounting classification and terminology in early twentieth century china. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 33, (pp. 73-102).

  • Xu, Y., and Doupnik, T. S. (2016). The Impact of Different Types and Amounts of Guidance on the Implementation of an Accounting Principle. Research in Accounting Regulation, 28, (pp. 66-76).

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