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Aaron D Firnstahl

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Aaron D Firnstahl,Hydrologic Technician Laboratory for Infectious Disease and the Environment

Research Interest



  • Determining the 95% limit of detection for waterborne pathogen analyses from primary concentration to qPCR,Stokdyk, Joel P.; Firnstahl, Aaron; Spencer, Susan K.; Burch, Tucker R; Borchardt, Mark A.

  • Avian influenza virus RNA in groundwater wells supplying poultry farms affected by the 2015 influenza outbreak, Borchardt, Mark A.; Spencer, Susan K.; Hubbard, Laura E.; Firnstahl, Aaron; Stokdyk, Joel; Kolpin, Dana W.

  • Quantitative microbial risk assessment for spray irrigation of dairy manure based on an empirical fate and transport model by Burch, Tucker R; Spencer, Susan K.; Stokdyk, Joel; Kieke, Burney A; Larson, Rebecca A; Firnstahl, Aaron; Rule, Ana M; Borchardt, Mark A.

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