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Amy George

Fish Biology
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Amy George,Fish Biologist Columbia Environmental Research Center

Research Interest

Fish Biology


  • Genetic analysis shows that morphology alone cannot distinguish asian carp eggs from those of other cyprinid species,Larson, James H.; McCalla, Sunnie; Chapman, Duane C.; Rees, Christopher B.; Knights, Brent C.; Vallazza, Jon; George, Amy E.; Richardson, William B.; Amberg, Jon

  • Comparison of size, terminal fall velocity, and density of bighead carp, silver carp, and grass carp eggs for use in drift modeling,George, Amy E.; Garcia, Tatiana; Chapman, Duane C.

  • Evidence of Asian carp spawning upstream of a key choke point in the Mississippi River, Larson, James H.; Knights, Brent C.; McCalla, Sunnie; Monroe, Emy; Tuttle-Lau, Maren T.; Chapman, Duane C.; George, Amy E.; Vallazza, Jon; Amberg, Jon

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