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Amy Yackel Adams

Research Ecologist
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Amy began working for the USGS while obtaining her master and doctorate degrees in ecology starting in 1997. She is a research statistician and principal investigator for the Invasive Reptile Program, and studies population biology with a focus on applied research of invasive organisms (snakes, lizards, small mammals). Yackel Adams’ recent research has focused on detectability of Brown Treesnakes, quantifying the impact of Brown Treesnakes on lizard populations, enhancing rapid response detection of invasive species, modeling rapid response search duration, and population estimation of small mammals in the Pacific.

Research Interest

modeling Brown Treesnakes Tegu lizards invasive snakes invasive reptiles


  • Dataset: Forest growth in and around an ungulate enclosure on Northern Guam, 2005-2011

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