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Andrew Cyr

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Andrew Cyr, Research Geologist Geology, Minerals, Energy and Geophysicsjoined the USGS Geology, Minerals, Energy and Geophysics Science Center as a Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow and was later hired as a Research Geologist. Generally, geomorphologist interested in questions related to how climate and tectonic processes are translated into the geomorphic record approach these through field mapping of Quaternary, primarily surficial, geologic units, topographic analysis using LiDAR and Structure for Motion digital elevation data, and various applications of beryllium and aluminum cosmogenic nuclide chronologies. Most of his current work is based in California but  work in other areas as opportunity and time allows.

Research Interest

land surface characteristics sedimentary rocks unconsolidated deposits desert ecosystems erosion


  • Federici, P.R., Granger, D.E., Ribolini, A., Spagnolo, M., Pappalardo, M., and Cyr, A.J., 2012, Last Glacial Maximum and the Gschnitz stadial in the Maritime Alps according to 10Be cosmogenic dating: Boreas, v. 41, p. 277-291.

  • Cyr, A.J., Granger, D.E., Olivetti, V., and Molin, P., 2014, Distinguishing between tectonic and lithologic controls on bedrock channel longitudinal profiles using cosmogenic 10Be erosion rates and channel steepness index: Geomorphology, v. 209, p. 27-38.

  • Cyr, A.J., Miller, D.M. and Mahan, S.A., 2015, paleodischarge of the Mojave River, southwestern United States, investigated with single-pebble measurements of 10Be: Geosphere, v. 11, n. 4, p. 1158-1171, doi:10.1130/GES01134.1.

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