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Ben Mirus

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Ben Mirus,Research Geologist NORTHWEST REGION

Research Interest

landslides runoff hillslope hydrology soil physics disturbance hydrology


  • Smith, JB, RL Baum, BB Mirus, A Michel, B Stark. 2017. Results of Hydrologic Monitoring on Landslide Prone Coastal Bluffs near Mukilteo, Washington. U.S. Geological Survey – Open-File Report 2017–1095, 47 p.,

  • Mirus, BB, JB Smith, RL Baum. 2017. Hydrologic Impacts of Landslide Disturbances: Implications for Remobilization and Hazard Persistence, Water Resources Research

  • Mirus, BB, BA Ebel, C Mohr, N Zegre. 2017. Disturbance Hydrology: Preparing for an Increasingly Disturbed Future, Water Resources Research, WRCR22964

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