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Byron Stone

Research Geologist
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Byron Stone began his geologic career as a U.S.G.S.-N.A.G.T. Field Assistant in Kentucky in 1969. He has been a fulltime field geologist with the Survey since 1974. He works on glacial stratigraphy of the eastern U.S., and has contributed to stratigraphic/resource/hazard studies in upper Cenezoic basins on three continents.

Research Interest

earth history land surface characteristics rocks and deposits stratigraphy unconsolidated deposits


  • Harrison, R.W., Tsiolakis, E., Stone, B.D., Lord, A., McGeehin, J.P., Mahan, S.A. and Chirico, P., 2012, Late Pleistocene and Holocene uplift history of Cyprus: implications for active tectonics along the southern margin of the Anatolian microplate;Geological Society, London, Special Publications v.372, first published August 22, 2012; doi 10.1144/SP372.3, 24 pp.

  • Stone, B.D. and DiGiacomo-Cohen, M.L., 2013 in preparation, Surficial geologic map of the Lexington-Marblehead South-Mansfield-Duxbury 18-quadrangle area in the Boston vicinity, east central Massachusetts : U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report OF-2006-1260-H, scale 1:24000, with accompanying text and geodatabase.

  • Stone, B.D., Kincare, K.A., O'Leary, D.W., Newell, W.L., Lundstrom, S.C., Taylor, E.M., Williams, V.S., Abraham, J.E., Powers, M.H., 2013 in preparation, Surficial geologic map of Berrien County, Michigan, and adjacent offshore area of Lake Michigan, U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map, scale 1:50,000, 2 sheets with 10 map illustrations, with accompanying text and geodatabase.

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