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Candice Hopkins

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Candice Hopkins works on a number of water-quality projects in Idaho and other Western States. Her focus areas include geochemistry of groundwater aquifers, isotopic tracers as indicators of groundwater and surface-water interaction, and temporal trends in water quality. Candice also serves as the Executive Secretary of the National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC), a subcommittee of the Advisory Committee on Water Information.

Research Interest

groundwater groundwater quality surface-water quality geochemistry statistical trends


  • Chemical constituents in groundwater from multiple zones in the eastern Snake River Plain aquifer, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, 2009-13,Bartholomay, Roy C.; Hopkins, Candice B.; Maimer, Neil V.

  • Hydrology of the middle San Pedro area, southeastern Arizona,Cordova, Jeffrey T.; Dickinson, Jesse E.; Beisner, Kimberly R.; Hopkins, Candice B.; Kennedy, Jeffrey R.; Pool, Donald R.; Glenn, Edward P.; Nagler, Pamela L.; Thomas, Blakemore E.

  • Ambient water quality in aquifers used for drinking-water supplies, Gem County, southwestern Idaho, 2015,Bartolino, James R.; Hopkins, Candice B.

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