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Christopher Fuller

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Christopher Fuller,Hydrologist National Research Program ,BS Chemistry, SUNY OswegoMS Geology, emphasis in Marine Geochemistry, Unversity of Southern California

Research Interest

contamination and pollution groundwater quality mine drainage surface water quality toxic radionuclide contamination


  • Manies, K. L., Harden, J. W., Fuller, C. C., and Turetsky, M. R.: Decadal and long-term boreal soil carbon and nitrogen sequestration rates across a variety of ecosystems, Biogeosciences,

  • Gellis, A.C., Fuller, C.C., and Van Metre, P.C. (in press) Accessing Sources and Ages of Fine-Grained Sediment at Regional Scales Using Fallout Radionuclides for Streams in the Midwestern United States. In press Journal of Environmental Management, available on-line August 24,

  • Croteau, M.N., Fuller, C.C., Cain, D.J.,2017, Assessing the dietary bioavailability of metals associated with natural particles: Extending the use of the reverse labeling approach to zinc. Environ. Sci. Technol. Publication Date (Web): February 10, 2017,

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