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David Stonestrom

Research Hydrologist
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Dave Stonestrom is a Research Hydrologist in the National Research Program (NRP) of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area. He serves as the NRP Research Coordinator of the USGS Amargosa Desert Research Site (ADRS) and as a co-editor of Vadose Zone Journal. As Lead Scientist for “Integrative Unsaturated Zone Studies,” he conducts field, laboratory, and theoretical research into processes governing fluid, solute, and energy transport through unsaturated zones in relation to groundwater recharge, pedogenesis, contaminant transport, environmental health, groundwater-surface water interactions, and evolution of hydrologic systems through time. He has conducted investigations of unsaturated zones in settings ranging from tropical mountain rainforests to outgassing alpine volcanoes and coastal wetlands to hyperarid deserts. He holds a BS in Geology from Dickinson College and MS and PhD degrees in Hydrology from Stanford University.

Research Interest

water quality groundwater vegetation land use change waste treatment and disposal


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