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Gary Fisher

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Gary Fisher retired from USGS in 2013 with 34 years of Federal service and nearly 40 years of professional hydrologist experience. He served as a project chief, supervisor, and manager ranging from local to national scope. His knowledge base includes surface-water hydrology and GIS, and he is a national expert in water web applications and database services.

Research Interest



  • Fisher, G.T. 1978. Conversions and units in nonpoint source pollution: Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, Miscellaneous Publication No. 929

  • McCuen, R.H., W.J. Rawls, G.T. Fisher, and R.L. Powell. 1977. Flood flow frequency for ungaged watersheds - a literature evaluation: Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Northeast Regional Series No. ARS-NE-86, 136

  • Holtan, H.N., J.P. Ormsby, and G.T. Fisher. 1977. Application of a Maryland version of USDAHL-74 to a watershed in Prince Georges County, Maryland: Smithsonian Institution, Watershed Research in Eastern North America, Edgewater, Maryland, 1977, Proceedings, p. 887-908.

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