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Glenn A Hodgkins

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Glenn Hodgkins is a Research Hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey New England Water Science Center. HIs work in recent years has focused on statistical hydrology at the regional, national, and international scale, primarily on the analysis of change and variability of historical streamflow, groundwater, and lake-ice data, and also on probabilistic forecasting. Glenn is the lead author or co-author on 19 peer-reviewed journal articles in major hydrology and climate journals since 2002. Glenn is also lead author on many peer-reviewed U.S. Geological Survey scientific reports relevant to (and partly funded by) transportation agencies concerned with the impact of climate change and variability on bridge and culvert design.

Research Interest

floods streamflow groundwater level surface water (non-marine) statistical analysis


  • Hodgkins, G.A., Whitfield, P.H., Burn, D.H., Hannaford, J., Renard, B., Stahl, K., Fleig, A.K., Madsen, H., Mediero, L., Korhonen, J. and Murphy, C., 2017, Climate-driven variability in the occurrence of major floods across North America and Europe: Journal of Hydrology, v. 552, p. 704-717,

  • Hodgkins, G.A., Dudley, R.W., Nielsen, M.G., Renard, B. and Qi, S.L., 2017, Groundwater-level trends in the US glacial aquifer system, 1964-2013: Journal of Hydrology, v. 553, p. 289-303

  • Dudley, R.W., Hodgkins, G.A., and Dickinson, J.E., 2017, Forecasting the probability of future groundwater levels declining below specified low thresholds in the conterminous U.S.: Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 1-13,

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