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Helaine Walsh Markewich

The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Helaine Walsh Markewich,Research Geologist Northeast Region

Research Interest

soil chemistry land surface characteristics stratigraphy unconsolidated deposits core analysis


  • Markewich, H.W., Wysocki, D.A., Pavich, M.J., Rutledge, E.M., 2011, Age, genesis, and paleoclimatic Interpretation of the Sangamon/Loveland complex in the upper and middle Lower Mississippi Valley: Geological Society of America Bulletin; v. 123; no. 1/2; p. 21–39.

  • Markewich, H.W., Pavich, M.J., Schultz, A.P., Mahan, S.A., Aleman-Gonzalez, W.B., Bierman, P.R., 2013, Geochronologic evidence for a possible MIS-11 emergent barrier/beach-ridge in southeastern Georgia, USA: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 60, p. 49-75

  • Markewich, Helaine Walsh; Litwin, Ronald J.; Wysocki, Douglas A.; Pavich, Milan J., 2015. Synthesis on Quaternary aeolian research in the unglaciated eastern United States. International Society of Aeolian Research Aeolian Research , 53 p.

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