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Henry J Zajd, Jr.

New York Water Science Center
The U.S. Geological Survey
United States Virgin Islands


Henry (Hank) Zajd started with the U.S.Geological Survey as a Hydrologic Technician in Indianapolis, IN in Sept. 1977. His training began with the stream gaging network and over the next 3 years with more training in water quality and suspended sediment collection and analysis was promoted to Hydrologist. Hank transferred to the NY Water Science Center at Ithaca, NY in July 1980 and worked in the national water quality accounting network program called NASQAN. Hank worked with the Data Section running multiple stage discharge, crest stage, lake and ground water gages. Hank's responsibility grew for the NASQAN program and was responsible for the NASQAN data in the annual publication. Hank became involved in the more complex slope gages in the Ithaca office and this developed into the early years of Index velocity computations and acoustical measurements. In 1995 the Ithaca office started two (2) time of travel velocity index velocity sites, that utilized the new acoustical measurement equipment and Hank became responsible for the operation and understanding of this new technology. In the summer of 1999 Hank started the first index velocity discharge (using a Doppler velocity meter) the site in NY Water Science Center at a stage discharge site and was able to increase the quality of the data at this site from poor to good. The data collection program grew into 13 index velocity gages over the years, with 4 of these index velocity sites in a special project on Onondaga Lake Outlet near Syracuse, NY. This project was to monitor the highly variable water velocity and direction with stratified flows due to density currents from saline waters from Onondaga Lake into the fresh waters of the Seneca River. Hank is responsible for maintaining the DECODES program in the Ithaca field area, for over 100 sites of data that transmit data from multiple types of data loggers using DCP, phone modems and direct manual downloads. Hank has made several presentations at national conferences for acoustical data measurements and collection. Hank is the Ithaca Hydroacoustic Specialist for the Ithaca field office.

Research Interest

droughts floods groundwater sediment transport streamflow


  • Hornlein, J.F., Szabo, C.O., Zajd, H.J., and Welsh, M.J. 2005 Water resources data, New York, water year 2004, volume 3, western New York: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Data Report NY-04-3, 345 p.

  • Zajd, H.J., Jr. 2007 Evaluation of acoustic doppler current profiler to measure discharge at New York Power Authority's Niagara Power Project, Niagara Falls, New York: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2007-1187, 22 p.

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